Staffing Committee

Staffing Committee Minutes

March 23-24, 2011
In attendance:  Sabri Khayat   Chairperson
Madonna Gardiner  TC Representative
Chris Di Liberatore TSO Representative
Linda Cassidy  Technical Advisor
Absent:  Shawn Bergeron Co-Chairperson

Brother Khayat opened the meeting by welcoming Brother Chris Di Liberatore as the TSO Representative within the Committee.  He wished him a term full of challenges and successes.

1. Working Methods of the Committee  

This will be a standing item on the agenda to ensure that we remain cognizant of how we effectively work together. 

The Committee reviewed the guidelines with Brother Di Liberatore. The Committee discussed the issue of staffing liaison and how this should work. The TSO and TC Representatives will look at updating the list and will resume sending the required information.

The Committee began to examine the best way to make information available to our members in order to reflect UTE’s position. This subject will be discussed in further detail at the next meeting.

2. Work Descriptions

The Committee received fifteen (15) work descriptions for their review since our last meeting. Comments have been provided to the employer on all.
Since the last meeting, the Committee reviewed and provided comments to the employer on the following work descriptions:

  • Litigation Support Team leader  
  • Settlement Officer  
  • Manager, Branch Administrative Services
  • Investigations Analyst
  • Lead Technical Analyst
  • Sr Technical Analyst
  • Facilities Management Advisor
  • Team Leader Taxpayer Relief  
  • Team Leader Intake Centre  
  • Litigation Support Officer
  • Manager Acquisitions
  • SP05 Tax Auditor, Excise
  • SP05 Tax Auditor Income Tax
  • SP06 Tax Auditor, Excise
  • SP06 Tax Auditor Income Tax

3. Specified Period Employees

Although this item remains as a standing item on our agenda and the Committee continues to diligently monitor any and all issues related to term/specified period employees, there is nothing to report at this time.

Brother Campbell attended the meeting and updated the Committee on the work of the Ad Hoc Call Centre Committee. As of this date, all “staffing” issues have been referred back to the respective Locals for them to follow the appropriate chains of communication.

N.B. The Committee would like to remind you that The Managers Guide to Term Rehire should be reviewed by all Locals.  When this guide was created, it was focused on the TC environment, so union representatives in the Call Centres and TSO’s may not have reviewed this document.

4.   Tax Service Debt Management Branch (TSDMB)

Two meetings have occurred since the last meeting of the Staffing Committee.  One was held in July and one was held in October.

Summary of October 2010 Meeting:

Administrative review is still going on government wide with the expectation of decisions by December 2010.  Currently Branch is still in the planning stages.

Last Budget:  All have been asked to manage within the $ envelopes they have (including new salary increases) plus they are still trying to manage rising costs of items like postage etc.

The Agency Management Committee (AMC) had a retreat in the fall and in the spring to review the “hows” and “whys” of doing business.  AMC is meeting on an ongoing basis to attempt to minimize the impact.  Completing a lot of “WHY” papers to explain why we do things.

Relocation of TSDMB away from Vanier Towers:  Trudging along, business case will be provided to treasury board.

Taxpayer Relief:  Transfer of budget etc. is on track for April 2011.

Provincial Sales Tax Administration Reform (PSTAR):  First wave is expected in November.  (Numbers were provided regarding how many employees have been briefed etc).

August:  They did sessions to raise awareness of Ontario Businesses regarding first nation point of sale and the confusion over HST
Taxpayer Services is gearing up for their filing season. 

On our topic regarding the percentages in Y280’s, this was not a national project and they do not support it.  In fact they advised Ontario region had a discussion and someone suggested during a brain storming session that the percentages would be a good idea and the idea was squashed. The Local will be advised to deal with this locally.

5. Taxpayer Relief

A meeting took place with the function July 5, 2010.

July 5th – Linda Cassidy attended a meeting with Appeals Branch to be provided with an update on the taxpayer relief initiative.

An update was issued to the members of Executive Council as follows:

Everything is progressing as expected, job descriptions have been sent to UTE for review and returned. They have come back classified at the SP03, SP04 and SP05 levels as expected. Job competency profiles have also been completed on all jobs (in the event that processes will need to be run they are ready to proceed).

It is confirmed the transfer of work will take place April 2011 for TSDMB only.

They have confirmed that they are going with the Regional Model that has a “Center of Expertise”. The regions have been given until Sept 30 to identify the center in their respective regions.

Regions have also been asked to start working on the HR impacts. There WILL be a national strategy. (RVP’s were advised that there would not be regional briefings at this time as there is no additional information other than what I have just provided. Once the analysis is done, WFA has any required meetings then the regions will have their individual briefings with all of you to discuss the impacts/rollout etc.

Job descriptions were sent for consultation and reviewed.  Work is now being done with the WFA Committee regarding the HR Impacts.

No further action is required.

6. Debt Management Program Delivery Model

This is a standing item but there is nothing new to report at this time.

7.   National Workload Allocation Study (Accounts Receivable National Inventory   A.R.N.I)

The project team has worked at developing national business rules since April 2010. The same package was to be shared with the Directors of Programs on September 29, who were then required to brief their respective regional union and Directors, who would subsequently also brief their local union. 

The Committee was invited to attend a meeting with the employer on this initiative on March 24th, 2011. An update on this meeting with the related documents will be sent under separate cover to Council and the Locals.

During the March 24th meeting, we re-affirmed to the employer our disappointment in the loss of the regularly scheduled official bi annual union management meetings.  We have requested that we resume the bi-annual meetings with the TSDMB Management team.

8.   Educational Requirement

Since our last meeting, members of the Staffing Committee have meet with the employer several times.

In June 2010, the employer advised the union that most of the work had been done in this initiative and they had determined that rather than proceed with an actual educational requirement they would be modifying the job competency profiles (JCP) to reflect knowledge of accounting. The union advised the employer that we were not in agreement with this recommendation.

Subsequent meetings were held on January 31, 2011 and March 22, 2011.

The employer received feedback from the TSO’s and the regions and they have confirmed the JCP’s being modified will be the measurement for knowledge of accounting.  The implementation will take place over a period of three years. We will follow up with the employer in order to review the implementation plan. The employer advised that the regions will be briefing the Regional Union representatives. Locals are encouraged to direct any queries they have on this initiative to their respective RVP’s.

9. Observe and Attest (O&A)

The new guidelines were issued to the field with the following message from the Commissioner on September 14, 2010.

I am pleased to inform you that the revised O&A Pre-Attestation Quality Review Guidelines have been approved and posted on Infozone.

These guidelines were modified to strengthen the review process and to help ensure a common and consistent understanding of the behavioural competencies resulting in accurate and reliable attestations. The guidelines will be effective October 12, 2010.

There is no further action required at this time. Members are encouraged to direct any concerns to their Locals/RVP’s.

10. Competency Consultant Working Group

As there has been no new information received since the last meeting, the Committee does not have anything to report.  Sister Cassidy will contact the employer to see what the status of this working group is.

11. End State Pre-Qualification Process – Tax Centre / Call Centre Working Group

As there has been no new information received since the last meeting, the Committee does not have anything to report.  Sister Cassidy will contact the employer to see what the status of this working group is.

12. Performance Management Working Group

Although this group was originally scheduled to meet via teleconference once per month and have an annual conference in Ottawa, meetings were changed to every other month.

The February conference call involved a group discussion on how the performance management process is working for managers.

The Committee will continue to update the Locals on any developments from this working group.

13. Draft Guidelines for Educational Assistance

We have not yet received a response from the CRA.  Sister Cassidy has contacted the employer to determine if a response will be received shortly.

14. Staffing Policy Simplification Project

All regions were involved in the consultation process which ended in November 2010.  The working group was scheduled to meet in February 2011 to discuss the results of the consultation.

The members of the Staffing Committee on this working group received notification that the meeting was postponed.

No further information has been received as of this date.

15. MG On Boarding

MG On Boarding is an on-line training package that will be made available to all MG’s when they are first hired.

The Committee was provided with the electronic documents and had a very short time frame to review and provide our comments. The Committee reviewed the documents in the time allotted and provided the comments back on the areas that appeared to be in error.

The response to our comments was subsequently received from the employer and thus no further action is required by the Committee.

16. CGA Agreement with the CRA

On March 22nd, 2011 we received the new agreement from the employer on between the CRA and CMA-CGA.

The employer advised that the content of the agreement had not changed only appendix A and B.  CGA Canada has deemed the applicable jobs as acceptable for the CGA. The document was issued to the field, by the Committee, on March 23rd, 2011.

17. Non-Filer/Non-Registrant Program

In November 2010, the Committee received the Non-Filer/Non-registrant Program Delivery Model Project Charter for our information. The employer advised the Committee that if we required further clarification or had any questions they would be pleased to meet with us.  The Committee reviewed the document but opted at that time not to have a meeting until such time as the employer had progressed with more specifics on the actual implementation phase. 

The employer has now invited the union to attend a meeting on the recent developments on Tax Centre workloads. The meeting is scheduled for March 25th, 2011.  The Committee will send a summary of this meeting in a separate memo.

18. Work Assessment Checklists (WAC) SP4, SP5 & SP7

Management met with the Union in the spring to present the WAC SP4 and obtain our feedback on the new approach. Following that meeting, Management prepared a WAC SP5, a WAC SP7 (Rocco), and they have updated the WAC SP4 after working on the WAC 5.

The WAC 5 & 7 are identical except for reference to Jeopardy (WAC 7).

The WAC 7 only addresses the technical work done on accounts, and nothing related to the resourcing side of the Rocco job.

This package contained the procedures, speaking notes for local offices, communication plan, etc.

The employer advised that we would be provided with an official copy once it has been finalized to send to the regions. We are still awaiting the final versions. 

An email will be sent to the employer requesting the final versions.

19. Performance Management Program

In June 2010, the employer sent us the Performance Pay and Leave Directive for MG and HR as well as the Procedures for Performance Pay and Leave for MG.

The union provided our feedback in July 2010 but have not yet heard back from the employer.  We will follow up with the employer on the status of these documents.

The final versions will be issued to the field once received.

20. Performance Expectations for Collections Officer

The employer sent the Committee the draft performance expectations for Collections Officers in July 2010 for our comments. The Committee responded back to the employer that all expectations appeared in line with the collective agreement.

21. Next Meeting

Brother Khayat closed the meeting stating he was impressed with the quality of work during the meeting.  He thanked the Committee members for their active participation during the course of the meeting.

The next Committee meeting will be held on the 14th and 15th of June, 2011.