Staffing Committee

Staffing Committee Minutes

June 19 - 20, 2012
In attendance: Sabri Khayat   Chairperson
Adam Jackson  Co-Chairperson
Chris Di Liberatore    TSO Representative
Shane O’Brien Technical Advisor
Regrets Madonna Gardiner  TC Representative

The Chairperson of the Committee, Brother Khayat, opened the meeting welcoming Brother Shane O’Brien, Senior Labour Relations Officer, as the Committee’s Technical Advisor. 

Brother Khayat discussed with the Committee members as to why the Minutes of our last meeting of April 2012 have not yet been issued.
The April 2012 Minutes will be reviewed and completed during this meeting, in order to be issued simultaneously with our June 2012 Minutes.

The following report is a summary of what has transpired:

1. Working Methods of the Committee

This is a standing item on the agenda, to ensure that we remain cognizant of how we effectively work together.

All information received by the Chairperson since our last meeting has been shared with the Committee.  It was noted that from time to time, requests by the Chairperson for feedback have produced no response from the Committee members.  It was agreed that Committee members would attempt to provide timely feedback or advise if they have no comments.

2. Work Descriptions

The Committee has not received any work descriptions for their review since our last meeting.

3. Specified Period Employees

Although this item remains as a standing item on our agenda and the Committee continues to meet as required with CRA on matters related to specified period employees, there is nothing to report at this time.

4. Performance Management Working Group

The regular bi-monthly meeting of the Working Group was held by teleconference on June 5th, 2012.  Shane O’Brien participated on behalf of the Staffing Committee.  Much of the meeting was a progress report of the various initiatives being undertaken by the group.  The next conference call will be held on October 2nd, 2012.

5. Performance Management Pilots (formerly known as Performance Management Pilot Pacific)

As noted in our April 2012 Minutes (Item 10), the Pilot Management Pilot has expanded beyond the Pacific Region.  The Committee Chairperson will contact the employer to obtain a copy of the report concerning the pilot.

6. TSDMB Work Assessment Checklists (WAC) :

The Committee is expected to receive a draft of the WAC for the SP04 insolvency positions by September 2012.

7.   Greeting Policy Pilot

The employer has extended the pilot until June 2012.  CRA advised that a copy of the draft Report concerning this initiative will be provided to the Union.  The Committee will follow-up with the employer to request a copy of the report.

8.   Employer Compliance Audit Renewal

Information received from the CRA has been shared on an ongoing basis with Locals and the Executive Council.  As the CRA committed to ensuring that the Union is kept informed of the progress of this renewal exercise, the Committee will keep this item on its agenda.  There is nothing further to report at this time.

9.   Atlantic Pilot on 519 workload

The employer has committed to sharing a copy of the draft report with the Union.  The Committee will follow-up with the employer to obtain a copy of this report.

10.   CRA Directive on Recourse (Annex L)

The Chairperson of the Committee and Brother Jackson met with the employer on May 31st, 2012 to discuss this Directive.  As the employer made no commitment to reconvene the working group, the Committee will continue to engage the employer on this issue.

11. AU Education Standards

Further to the Minutes of our April 2012 meeting, this matter was discussed with the UTE National President who raised the issue at the June 2012 National Union Management Consultation Committee meeting.  Regrettably, the Commissioner failed to address the matter definitively.  The Chairperson will discuss this issue further with the National President.

12. Job Competency Profiles

The Committee continues to review the draft Job Competency Profiles as received from the employer.  The Committee agreed that this item will not be included in future agendas for the meetings of the Committee.  Should the need arise; the Committee will notify locals of special items of concern or interest.

13. Competency Directive

As noted in the Minutes of April 2012 meeting (Item 24), a copy of the final version of the Competency Directive will be issued to all locals upon receipt from the employer.

14. Competency Catalogue

As noted in the Minutes of April 2012 meeting (Item 25), a copy of the final version of the Catalogue will be issued to all locals upon receipt from the employer.

15. Staffing Policy Simplification Project

Brothers Khayat and Jackson attended a meeting with the employer on May 31st, 2012 concerning the above noted project.  The employer announced that this project will resume and that the results would be presented to the Board of Management in September 2012.  It appears that UTE will not be consulted further concerning the matter.

As a result, the Committee agreed that we would write to the employer seeking further consultation and asking for a summary of what will be presented to the Board of Management.

16. Standardized Testing

As noted in our last meeting, the Committee will contact the employer to get an update on the pilot, including where it was implemented and the results of the pilot, in addition to the current status of the project.

17. Management Group Learning Program (MGLP)

Brother O’Brien reported that he had received a phone call from the employer concerning the MG Learning Program.  Sister Linda Cassidy had previously advised the employer that a module concerning “Managing unionized employees” should be included in the MG training. The CRA proposed that a representative from our Committee attend a 4-day meeting and create the module ourselves.

The Committee agreed that we did not want to attend a 4-day meeting; nor did we want to create the module.  We advised them, however, that we would like the following components included in the module:

  • UMA
  • Conflict Resolution
  • The benefits of consultation
  • Union Leave
  • Leave for employees to meet with representatives
  • Grievance procedure – Team Leader’s role
  • Union’s role
  • Union structure and Communication protocols

Brother O’Brien called the CRA to advise of the above.  The CRA Representative advised that it will only be a 15 minutes presentation.  Brother O’Brien agreed to meet with the employer to discuss this further.

18. Observe and Attest

The Committee met with the employer on June 19th, 2012 in order to receive an update on this initiative.  The employer advised that approximately 85% of employees have had their base competencies assessed.  They also advised they have been working on a revised Competency Catalogue.  Finally, they advised that they are currently considering alternatives to Observe and Attest.  The employer committed to keeping us apprised of their progress concerning this matter.

19. Call Centres and Accounts Receivable National Inventory (ARNI)

As a result of some offices moving employees between Call Centre and ARNI positions on an intermittent basis, without using an appropriate staffing vehicle, the Committee followed up with the employer on this matter. 

The employer’s HQ Call Center representative confirmed that employees should only be moved through legitimate staffing means and communicated this message to the field.