Workforce Adjustment Committee

Minutes of the National Workforce Adjustment Committee

September 26, 2011

DATE: September 26, 2011

TIME: 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

LOCATION: 233 Gilmour Street, Suite 800, Ottawa



Lucie Houle
Josée Tremblay
France Sarazin
Bonnie Lehman

Claude Tremblay

Pamela Abbott
Hicham Youssfi
Sylvie Lahaie
Kent MacDonald
Annette Melanson

1. Affected Employee List

Management stated that the updated affected list included the employees impacted by some of the Cost Containment Plan (CCP) initiatives.  Management was confident that Reasonable Job Offers (RJO) would likely be presented to those employees over the next couple of months.  As for the employees that had been affected for a long period of time, some medical retirements had now been approved; therefore, a reduction of the names on the list should be evident shortly.

2. Preferred Status Report

Management stated that only one employee remained on the Preferred Status Report; however, that particular situation should be resolved shortly.

3. Long Term Leave Without Pay Situations

Management stated that a number of employees on long term leave had been removed from the affected list as their respective situations had been resolved. Furthermore, the message to the regions requested that long term leave situations be reviewed more closely and ensure that those employees are also offered an RJO even if they are not physically at the workplace. The Union agreed with this approach.

4. Cost Containment Plan

Management provided an update on the CCP, including that some meetings had already taken place with UTE to provide information on initiatives within the Human Resources Branch, as well as the Taxpayer Services Debt Management Branch. Additional information would be provided and/or meetings scheduled as initiatives are approved.

Management also mentioned that the Strategic and Operating Review (SOR) would now be known as the deficit reduction action plan.

Further to the Union’s request, Management provided UTE with a list of the CCP initiatives.

The Union expressed concern that there were rumors circulating in the regions regarding CCP that appeared to be based on contained information. It was very important that both parties try to put a stop to any leaks given that it was unsettling to the membership.  

5. Provincial Sales Tax Administration Reform

The Union asked whether the transfer of the provincial employees back to British Columbia would be treated as an Alternate Delivery Initiative (ADI) within the Workforce Adjustment (WFA) Appendix of the collective agreement. UTE emphasized the need to meet and obtain answers from the CRA sooner rather than later, especially when it came to matters such as benefits, salary, etc. The Union recommended establishing a Committee to specifically deal with this particular item.

Management stated that while there were currently 59 employees (UTE) from the province working in the CRA and that the current Human Resources Agreement (HRA) indicated that more staff was likely to be hired. Further discussions would need to take place regarding business decisions, as well as developing an HRA to dissolve the work.

The province anticipated taking over the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) as of April 2013.

6. Regional and Local Workforce Adjustment Committees

The Union reiterated its view that both UTE and the CRA should communicate to the field the need to start the process of activating regional and local WFA Committees. A recommendation should also be put forward to encourage offices close in proximity to work together and be proactive.

Management stated that most regional and local Committees were established or were in the process of being set-up.


Both parties appreciated the good discussions on the issues and looked forward to the next meeting.

Original signed by
Josée Tremblay for

Claude P. Tremblay
Director General
Workplace Relations and
Compensation Directorate

December 5, 2011

Original signed by


Pamela Abbott
Union of Taxation Employees
Regional Vice-President
Pacific Region


December 8, 2011