Workforce Adjustment Committee

Minutes of the National Workforce Adjustment Committee

March 14, 2011

DATE: March 14, 2011 TIME: 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

LOCATION: 233 Gilmour Street, Suite 800, Ottawa



Claude P. Tremblay
Lucie Houle-Matthews
Caroline Bouchard
Bonnie Lehman

Nick Stein
Pamela Abbott
Hicham Youssif
Kent MacDonald

Sylvie Lahaie

1. Affected Employee List

Further to the Union’s comments, Management will review the Affected Employees List to ensure the document reflects the most current information. An updated list would be shared with the Union.

2. Preferred Status Report

Management will review and update the comments section for the first two employees on the Preferred Status Report, if required. An updated Report would be shared with the Union.

3. Internal Review Exercise – Now Known as the Cost Containment Plan

Management stated that the Human Resources Impact Analysis (HRIA) was underway in the regions and that more detailed information was anticipated by the end of April 2011.

The Union stated that further to a previous commitment, national, regional and local WFA Committees were prepared in the event of workplace impacts.

The Union went on to ask if staffing requests still required Senior Management approval.

Management confirmed that the Assistant Commissioners must approve all internal staffing actions.

The Union stated that once more concrete information was made available on the HRIA; UTE would identify any WFA concerns that required further discussion.

4. Delegation Process

The Union continued to be of the view that the delegation of authority to approve a Guaranteed Reasonable Job Offer (GRJO) should be delegated down to the Director level. Currently, the Assistant Commissioner must authorize the surplus status, which in many cases causes unnecessary delays.

Management stated that the Assistant Commissioners have decided to retain the delegation of authority to approve GRJOs. That being said, the Union was invited to provide Management with specific details regarding GRJO situations that were of concern to UTE.

5. Long Term Leave Without Pay Situations

The Union understood that the Agency was trying to be sensitive to those employees who were on long term leave without pay situations; however, UTE maintained that those individuals should be given a Reasonable Job Offer (RJO), especially since they may not have a substantive position to return to. In the Union’s view the lack of action would create more anxiety for the employee.

UTE was also concerned that managers may not be taking those employees into account when reviewing their staffing plans or making changes to the organization. That being said, the Union stated that the WFA Committee should not be dealing with long-term leave issues.

Management replied that they would look at the feasibility of changing the current practice to alleviate the Union’s concern.

6. CRA Guidelines on Employee Mobility

Management stated that the review of the CRA Guidelines on Employee Mobility had been given to the Advisory Committee for the Staffing Policy Simplification Project. The Advisory Committee was comprised of Union, Management and Human Resources representatives; therefore, any concerns regarding the Guidelines should be brought to the attention of the two UTE representatives on the Committee.

7. Appendix D

Further to the Memorandum of Understanding between the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) with Respect to the Workforce Adjustment Appendix, UTE stated that it was pleased with the ongoing discussions regarding potential changes to Workforce Adjustment
Appendix “C”.

On another note, the Union confirmed that the Alliance would be in agreement when the recommendations were ready to be shared.

8. WFA Letters

Management committed to sending the Union draft sample letters for their review and feedback.


Both parties appreciated the good discussions on the issues and looked forward to the next meeting.


Claude P. Tremblay
Director General
Workplace Relations and
Compensation Directorate


Nick Stein
Union of Taxation Employees
Regional Vice-President
Ontario Region