Workforce Adjustment Committee

Minutes of the Workforce Adjustment Committee

March 14, 2011
In attendance:

Nick Stein Chairperson
Pamela Abbott Co-Chairperson
Hicham Youssfi TSO Presidents’ Representative
Kent MacDonald Staff Advisor

Absent: Sylvie Lahaie TC Presidents’ Representative

Brother Stein provided an overview of the Committee’s role and our bi-annual meeting with the employer to Brother Youssfi as this is his first Committee meeting.

1. Review of the previous minutes

The Committee reviewed both the Committee’s previous minutes and the minutes of the joint Committee from March 15, 2010.

2. Review Agenda for the afternoon joint Committee meeting

The agenda items are:

  1. Current Affected Employee list
  2. Preferred Status list
  3. Internal Review Exercise
  4. Delegation Process
  5. Long Term Leave Without Pay Situations
  6. CRA Guidelines on Employee Mobility
  7. Appendix D

1)   Affected Employee list

There are currently 9 members in affected status.  The following is a breakdown per region:

NCR       3 members
Atlantic   5 members
Pacific    1 member

Brother Stein will be discussing the regional list with each RVP at the upcoming Executive Council meeting.

2) WFA Preferred Status list

There are currently 5 members on the WFA Preferred Status list.

3) Internal Review Exercise (I.R.E.)

The employer will be providing an update as to the status of the I.R.E.

4) Delegation Process

The employer will be providing an update concerning the lowering of the delegation authority for the issues of the Surplus Status.

5) Long Term Leave Without Pay Situations

There are currently 7 affected members on long term leave.  We will continue to discuss   with the employer as to the best way to get these members off the affected list.

6) CRA Guidelines on Employment Mobility

This is a follow-up on suggested changes we suggested to the document.

7) Appendix D

Brother Stein will discuss the current status of the joint discussions on WFA as per Appendix D of the Collective Agreement.

3. Review of Ontario Regional Power Point Presentation

The Committee reviewed a power point presentation from the Ontario region entitled “Introduction to Workforce Adjustment”.  Brother Stein will discuss UTE’s concerns with the Ontario region.

4. Taxpayer Relief

The Committee reviewed two sets of Q&As on Taxpayer Relief in preparation for a meeting with Head Office, WFA and Appeals.