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March 2007

Denis Lalancette Item 11(l)

The members of the Standing Bargaining Committee met on January 29 and 30 in Ottawa to discuss various matters related to bargaining. The members are: Dave Miller, Jean-Pierre Fraser, Pamela Abbott (Co-chair) and Denis Lalancette (Chair). They were assisted by Sister Lyson Paquette. Sister Gaby Lévesque, who will be the negotiator for the PSAC/CRA team for our next bargaining process, also took part in this meeting.

First, the committee members reviewed the various actions taken or documents to be produced as a follow-up to previous meetings. They also perused several documents pertaining to the last bargaining round to familiarize themselves with the various stages of a bargaining process and understand what is required. And they responded to an e‑mail received from a Local.

The committee members prepared the document “2007 PSAC/CRA Program of Demands”; it will be sent to the Locals as part of the formal demand collection process, to run from February 26 to March 31, 2007. The committee members went over the list of UTE/PSAC demands from the 2003 process, the 2003 PSAC/CRA program of demands, the 2003 Treasury Board program of demands and the 2007 Treasury Board program of demands with a view to producing the “2007 PSAC/CRA Program of Demands”.

PSAC will look after producing the PSAC/CRA Program of Demands document in both official languages. The members also agreed that this document would be accompanied by an information bulletin from the 2nd National Vice-President and the official UTE demand form. PSAC will append a letter from Brother John Gordon and a covering letter. Sister Bannon will send everything electronically to the Locals. Demands received from Locals and members (continual demand collection process) will be sorted, organized and translated in both official languages in preparation for the work of the National Bargaining Committee.

The committee members also set aside the dates of May 14 to 18 for the meeting of the National Bargaining Committee. This committee will meet to choose and prioritize the demands received from the Locals. These demands will become the official demands for submission to the CRA on July 3, 2007 (bargaining right Sunday July 1 and Canada Day July 2). The members of the PSAC/CRA bargaining team will also be chosen at that meeting of the National Bargaining Committee.

An e-mail dated February 14 was sent to the UTE Executive Council so that those who will be on the National Bargaining Team can take note of and set aside the dates for this meeting. A notice of interest was also included with this e-mail, inviting anyone interested in being on the PSAC/CRA bargaining team to explain briefly why they would like to be on this team.

The committee members discussed ideas for developing promotional articles for the 2007 bargaining process.  It was agreed that at the next Presidents’ Conference, in March, a coaster bearing the logos of the UTE and the bargaining committee (recto verso) including the starting date of the bargaining process and the website address would be distributed to members participating at the Conference. Moreover, a sufficient number of coasters will be available, in due time, for distribution to all members for July 3, the date the notice to bargain will be sent out.

The committee members have also developed a list of slogans (Appendix 1).  This list will be distributed at the Presidents’ Conference in March 2007.  We will ask Regional Vice-Presidents to consult with their Locals to put these slogans in order of preference and, if necessary, to develop new ones.  At the conference, the Standing Bargaining Committee will meet to review the regional results.  If possible, we will communicate the selected slogans at that time.  These slogans will be reviewed by the Standing Bargaining Committee at a meeting in May 2007, for potential activities or promotional items. 

Finally, the committee members agreed to prepare a calendar of important dates for the 2007 bargaining process (Appendix 2). An article will be produced for the UTE newsletter outlining the stages of the next bargaining process, and will include this calendar.


Respectfully submitted,

Denis Lalancette

On behalf of the Committee members

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