By-Laws Committee

Report of the By-Laws Committee

March 2014

Gary Esslinger

A review of resolutions from the 2011 UTE Triennial Convention identified that composite resolution 451 (A) has not been included in the UTE Resolutions of Record. 

The By-Law committee recommends that the following resolution be added to the resolutions of record:

27. Funding PSAC Regional Conventions

BE IT RESOLVED THAT UTE partially fund locals for their delegates to PSAC Regional Conventions until such time as the PSAC fully fund such conventions: and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT this funding be based on paying for two (2) of the following: (travel, hotel, per diems, or loss of salary) if they are not reimbursed by any other organizations for the same costs and the cost of transportation will be the most economical means for example seat sales, mileage.

Adopted July 2011

Respectfully submitted,

Gary Esslinger
Chair of the Committee