Call Centre Committee

Report of the Ad-Hoc Call Centre Committee

September 2008

Bob Campbell Item 11 (n)

The Committee met in Ottawa at the National Office of UTE on September 8th & 9th.In  attendance: Sisters Debbie Ferguson – Call Centre Representative (Saint John), Micheline Bourgeois – Call Centre Representative (Montréal), Brothers Nick Stein, RVP, Southwestern Ontario (Co-Chair), Kent MacDonald, Staff Advisor and Bob Campbell – 1st National Vice-President (Chairperson).

Each member of the Committee provided their thoughts as to what the Committee should be addressing with the employer.  After a long discussion, the Committee agreed that the following items would be the first issues discussed with the employer.  These are not the only items but, the first issues the Committee will be discussing as soon as meetings can be scheduled.

  1. Pension – ensuring all hours worked are pensionable
  2. Quality of work life / working conditions
  3. Hours of work
  4. Funding of Call Centres
  5. Improved communication between Call Centre Locals
  6. Compensation issues at Call Centres
  7. Standardizing staffing ratios:
    • Permanent / Term
    • Full-Time / Part-Time
    • Bilingual / Unilingual

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Campbell
Chair of the Committee