Call Centre Committee

Report of the Ad-Hoc Call Centre Committee

March 2010

Bob Campbell Item 11 (n)

The Committee has not met during this period. But Brother MacDonald and the chair of the committee had a meeting with management to follow up on the items that have been put forward with the committee.

The employer confirmed that all “hours of work” issues regarding call centres are properly being discussed with Pierre Mulvihill-UTE.

The CRA ensured that the budgeting process for the funding of call centres has improved and that “this year’s” numbers were sent out to the field ten days ago. How that information is filtered down in each Region or Call Centre is not something that Head Office can control. But they do recognize the importance of getting the budgets to the field as soon as possible.

The union continued to push the CRA to standardize the staffing levels/ratios across all call centres with similar workloads. (perm to term, full to part time, bilingual to unilingual). The employer agreed to provide up to date data on this issue. There was also discussion on the scheduling of shifts (evening) the union was to bring forward the issues from the field in regard to how shifts are scheduled for employees and that length of service should be taken into consideration.

The CRA held a Call Centre managers’ meeting in the fall of 2009 (the Chair of the committee Brother Campbell was invited to speak at this meeting). The focus was to discuss ways to better manage and operate call centres. The CRA also has a working group looking at similar issues within the call centres. It is clear that the issues discussed at these two forums are the same concerns that the union has been bringing to the CRA’s attention over the past two years.

One issue is the bringing of a secondary workload, (non phone activities) to call centres to bring a variety to the work. While this is being looked at, the emphasis would be on different phone activities as opposed to non phone activities.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Campbell
Chair of the Committee