Call Centre Committee

Report of the Ad-Hoc Call Centre Committee

March 2011

Bob Campbell Item 11 (n)

The Committee meet at the UTE National Office on January 25, 2011 to prepare for its meeting with management on January 26th. In attendance Nick Stein, Debbie Ferguson, Micheline Bourgeois, Kent MacDonald and Bob Campbell Chairperson.

The Committee discussed the following topics. :

  1. Preparation for Joint Consultation Committee meeting on extra hours and overtime at Call Centres

  2. Review of input from Call Centre Contacts

In December 2010, Brother Campbell sent an email to the Call Centre Contacts in which he asked 12 questions looking for information to assist the Committee in preparation for the Joint Committee meeting on extra hours.  The Committee reviewed all the data received.

Joint Consultation Committee Meeting – January 26, 2011

The members of the Ad Hoc Committee met with representatives of the CRA on January 26, 2011 to discuss additional hours and overtime hours at Call Centres.

The employer stated that in preparing for this meeting, they had sent out the same questions to their Call Centre management teams that Brother Campbell had sent out.  We reviewed the employer’s responses and had a good dialogue about the Call Centres.

The Committee, stressed the importance that the employer continue to work at making our members permanent/full-time and the UTE will continue to raise this issue until we are satisfied that the employer has done everything it can do to maximize permanent/full-time and reduce the use of term/part-time.

As a result of this meeting, the employer will be looking into the concerns raised at our meeting and another meeting is to be scheduled in the near future.

Call Centre Contact List

The Committee reviewed the contact list and updated the names and email addresses for each Call Centre.  Brother MacDonald will ensure that the list is updated and sent out to the Committee members.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Campbell
Chair of the Committee