Call Centre Committee

Report of the Ad-Hoc Call Centre Committee

June 2011

Bob Campbell Item 11 (n)

The Committee met at the UTE National Office on May 18th, 2011 to prepare for its meeting with management. In attendance, Nick Stein, Debbie Ferguson, Kent MacDonald and Bob Campbell Chairperson. Sister Micheline Bourgeois was absent due to illness.

Joint Consultation Committee Meeting

The members of the Ad Hoc Committee met with representatives of the CRA on follow up of topics discussed at the January 26th meeting. .

  • Management will look into the information provided by the Hamilton office, specifically the use of seniority/levels of expertise when allocating extra hours/overtime.
  • Management will determine who makes the decisions on overtime hours/extra hours of work at the call centers, the team leader, the traffic team or the manager.
  • Management will find out if there have been any instances where an employee working in the call centers was denied vacation by the Traffic Team, even though the time off had previously been approved by a manager.
  • Management will ask how many students are working at the call centers, and whether they are provided extra hours of work/overtime prior to indeterminate, term employees, etc. are being asked.
  • Management will ask why St. John’s was only offering part-time work; never increasing the hours of work beyond 35. 
  • Management will read the survey conducted in the Atlantic region on wellness, as well as the questionnaire sent out by Montreal.
  • The Union will share a copy of the UTE Call Centre Bill of Rights with the CRA, once available.

We reviewed the employer’s responses and had a good dialogue about the Call Centres.

The Committee, stressed the importance that the employer continue to work at making our members permanent/full-time and the UTE will continue to raise this issue until we are satisfied that the employer has done everything it can do to maximize permanent/full-time and reduce the use of term/part-time.

The committee would like to suggest to each local with a call centre that there be a standing item on their Local UMC’s to discuss Call Center Issues i.e.:

  • How additional hours are assigned 
  • The ratio of Term to Permanent Positions

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Campbell
Chair of the Committee