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Bob Campbell Item 11(k)

The Communication Committee met twice in this period: the first period,
June 24th to 27th to organize and develop a UTE newsletter. A newsletter
in draft format was completed and sent to the Executive Council and Alternate
for comments. The Committee met with the Print Shop and Mailroom of the PSAC
to determine required time frames for a September Issue. A solicitation for
articles was issued to all UTE Committees and staff with the time frames

The Committee again met in Ottawa from August 19th to 22nd to complete the
UTE newsletter. English and French versions of the Union News were delivered
to the PSAC Print Shop on August 26th. The Committee will hand out the first
copies of the newsletter to all in attendance at the September Presidents Conference.
A direct mail out to the membership is scheduled for September 22nd. The next
newsletter is scheduled for publication the week of December 1st.2003.

There was an enormous amount work involved in the publication of the first
UTE newsletter, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the committee
members for all their efforts. The Committee worked through the power crisis
in Ottawa, working in the heat with no air conditioning. A special mention
goes out to Brother Brent Fournier who stayed and worked with the committee
even after the PSAC building was closed, and his contract allowed him to leave.
His knowledge and assistance was greatly appreciated.

On behalf of the Committee I would also like to thank all who submitted articles
for the newsletter. If your article did not appear in this issue it will most
likely be employed in a subsequent issue. The Committee learned very quickly
that it is very difficult to fit all the information in a small space.

The date for the next Committee meeting was not confirmed as of the printing
of this report, but it is anticipated for some time in November.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Campbell

Chairperson of the Committee

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