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MARCH 2004

Bob Campbell Item 11(k)

The Committee met in Ottawa from March 25th to 28th, with the following
members in attendance: Barry Melanson, Sabri Khayat, Bob Campbell and Susan
Duncan. Brent Fournier attended the first morning of our meetings to facilitate
the change in staff member from himself to Susan Duncan.

The committee prepared the April newsletter for publication and had a
general discussion on other UTE communication items. The following agenda
items were discussed:

  1. Review of Previous Minutes
  2. Open Discussion of UTE Communications
  3. Postage Rates for Publications
  4. Review of the new UTE website
  5. Survey

1. Review of Previous Minutes

The previous minutes were reviewed.

2. Open Discussion of UTE Communications

The Committee had an overall general
discussion on communications. They have some general ideas on where they
want to go in the future such as workshops at the presidents’ conference
and bulletins to help members in the use of technology. The Committee also
reviewed and discussed the questionnaire results in regards to communication.

3. Postage Rates for Publications

A general discussion was held concerning
a possible change in publication postage rates from letter mail to publication
mail. The Committee felt there was not enough information at this time
to make a decision. They will discuss it at the next meeting.

4. Review of the new UTE website

The Committee reviewed portions of the
website and had a general discussion on the new website. The following
recommendations will be made to the President:

  • that there be a contact us link on the committee pages.
  • that the National
    President suggest that committees update and review their own web space
    and that it be the responsibility of the committees to ensure that
    their information is up to date.
  • that all committee minutes be completed
    in a standardized format.
  • that the National Officers review and send
    updates for their biographies.
  • that the search engine be improved to
    be more user friendly.
  • the committee reminds that the union news should
    be available online in a format which is accessible to the visually
  • that the final word section under ‘overview’ include
    links to the new members’ kit, bulletins and newsletters.
  • that
    the item concerning a chat room or discussion area be brought forward
    during the next meeting
  • that the phone book search be improved
  • that we bring forward the president’s
    updates recommendation to the next meeting.

The Communications Committee endorses the new website.

5. Survey

The Committee discussed the possibility for future small surveys
on the web. We were advised that this is possible and that we might use
this to garner information in the future.

The meeting was adjourned at 3pm on March 28th, 2004.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Campbell

Chairperson of the Committee

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