Communications Committee

Report of the Communications Committee

December 2009

Bob Campbell Item 11(k)

The Committee met in Ottawa at the National Office of UTE on November 2nd to 4th.  In attendance Brother’s Barry Melanson, Sabri Khayat, Sister Susan Duncan and the Chair Brother Bob Campbell.

The Committee prepared the December’s newsletter for publication.
The Committee had a general discussion of the questionnaire, in regards to the communications within UTE, Nationally, Regionally and locally.
The Committee would like to remind the Chairs of the UTE Standing Committee’s that they should send copies of their minutes to Susan Duncan to be put on the web.  The Committee would also request that the Committee Chairs provide a membership focused summary of the actions of their Committee so that it may be included in future newsletters. This request was made during the September Executive Council but no responses have been received to date.

The Committee has revised the Local New Members PowerPoint Presentation and will forward to the locals.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Campbell
Chair of the Committee