Communications Committee

Report of the Communications Committee

March 2012

Lorne Roslinski

The Committee met in Ottawa at the National Office of UTE on January 9th to 11th with the PAC. The Chair was unable to attend.

The Committee discussed specifics for the strategies to communicate the political action and education of our membership.

Also the Communications Committee was tasked to research the naming of reports for consistency in both official languages and the ultimate decision making of what gets put onto the UTE official website.  This task was brought to our committee by the National President.  The committee shared views and opinions via email.

The committee agrees that we should find common language that translates both from English to French and from French to English in such a way that it is still accurate and clear.  The committee determined that it should remain that all reports and articles, etc. must be submitted to the National President for his approval before anything goes to the website.  It should be the National President that directs the office staff as to what should or should not be posted on our official website.  In that way, only reports and items passed by Council and approved by the National President will go to the staff for action.

The chair believes that the committee, in conjunction with the National President, will draft a memo that will be shared with Council and suggested to be followed by all chairpersons.

Respectfully submitted,

Lorne Roslinski,
Chair of the Committee