Communications Committee

Report of the Communications Committee

December 2012

Lorne Roslinski

The skilled members of the communications committee meet November 5th thru to November 7th. We prepared another excellent edition of the Union News.  At our meeting we discussed the committee’s Terms of Reference. At this meeting, we ask the council to consider our recommendation #1 to amend the terms of reference for our committee. And before concluding our meeting, we discussed ideas for a script regarding the contracting out of our CRA taxpayer records.

I wish to thank the committee of co-chair, Sabri Khayat, Barry Melanson, and Susan Duncan, technical assistant for their talents.  I also wish to thank the chairs of the committees for their contributions to the newsletter.  And finally, I wish to thank the members and the UTE staff for their contributions to the newsletter.  We are proud of the excellent quality of articles that we continue to receive and while we are not always able to print all that have been submitted, we continue to ask and encourage articles to be submitted.  It is the articles that keep our members engaged in our union and up to date.

I can’t stress it enough to the entire Executive Council and to our activists across this great country, excellent communication is the key to our success.  Communication needs to be current and accurate and relevant to the issues at hand.  We need to listen to our membership to hear and address the concerns and then we need to follow through so that our entire membership hears the same unified message. I continue to urge every chair to make time to submit an article to update the membership as to what is happening in their committee.  The newsletter gets delivered to each member’s home.  If you want the membership to know what your committee is doing and engage them, the newsletter gives you the opportunity to reach every member.

The mandate of our committee is to ensure that our organization is using the best tools and medium to relay the messages to our membership and other parties. 

Respectfully submitted,

Lorne Roslinski,
Chair of the Committee