Communications Committee

Report of the Communications Committee

June 2013

Lorne Roslinski

Our committee meet from March 4-6, 2013.  We worked on the production of our Newsletter and we prepared our script for our YouTube video as assigned by our National President.  Sister Susan Duncan was tasked with all of the production duties and she worked on it after the committee adjourned. Once the video script was sent out for translation the video posted on YouTube. Since release, our video has been viewed 275 times in French and 1075 times in English.

Our committee is scheduled to meet next week to review other scripts covering other topics with the intention to release new videos in our series of ‘Do not let Harper’.

Our next communications newsletter meeting is scheduled for August 12-15, 2013*. On behalf of my committee, I humbly request that all chairs please consider submitting an article or two for our next newsletter.  The article could contain technical information, upcoming conference information, information about what your committee has been working on lately, or even a short ‘Did you know?’ tidbit.  We believe that we need to keep our newsletter current, relevant and informational for our membership. It is our guaranteed way into each of our member’s front door.

Respectfully submitted,

Lorne Roslinski,
Chair of the Committee

* New dates established post-Council - August 19-21, 2013