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JUNE 2004

Shawn Bergeron Item 11(d)

On May 25th, our committee met with the employer as members of the National
EAP Advisory committee. The minutes of the meeting are not yet available.

On June 2nd, we were invited to attend an EAP Business Meeting in Rigaud.
The meeting was very successful. It was an opportunity for the National Committee
to meet with the EAP coordinator-counsellors and some Human Resources directors.
Representatives from CBSA were also present. We were informed that the CRA
EAP Program would stay the same. The quality will be maintained and there will
be no reduction in service. There was also a discussion on Wellness in the
workplace and where it fits in the organization, whether it should be under
Staffing, Human Resources, Health and Safety or EAP. We will share the minutes
of this meeting when available.

CRA is in the process of recruiting employees to become referral agents. In
response to various concerns coming from the Locals regarding referral agents,
it is timely to reiterate the National EAP committee’s position on the
employer's recruitment of Referrals Agents. The recommendation put forward
in the June 2003 EAP report to Executive council was that Referral Agents are
not to be members of Local Union Executive. The roles are separate and there
would be a conflict of duties.

" that the role of the referral agents is very
different than that of a union representative. I do not believe that union
representatives should be (or could be) referral agents. We are trained
to give advice, to guide, to resolve situations, to speak on behalf of
our members, to represent, to intervene, etc…Referral agents cannot
do any of these roles. It would be very difficult to listen to someone
and not offer to help resolve his or her situation

This was Doug Gaetz last meeting as the President’s representative on
the EAP committee. Thank you Doug for your leadership, experience and patience
with us the new members of the committee.

Respectfully submitted,

Shawn Bergeron

Chairperson of the Committee

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