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MARCH 2006

Jerry Dee Item 11(d)

The committee met on February 9th and 10th, 2006  to prepare our
Terms of Reference, a UTE Directive on Referral Agents and to discuss the
up coming National EAP Conference.

The committee prepared and adopted a Terms of Reference which was sent
for translation. Sister Ruel has informed Bob Campbell for update of the
Achievements Book.

The Committee agreed that a National Directive was needed regarding the
UTE Policy with respect to union executive acting as Referral Agents. The
Directive has since been translated and issued to all locals.

The committee needed to change the dates of the National Conference from
November 17-19, 2006 to November 24-26, 2006 because of availability of
the conference hotel in Ottawa.

The committee established that delegates to the Conference should be selected
from among the UTE representatives sitting on the Local EAP committees.
We would encourage Locals to send observers who have an active interest
in EAP.

The Committee is planning to have a presentation from the CRA EAP Co-coordinator
Counselors. We also plan to have three to four workshops, several guest
speakers and possibly a video.

The committee also plans a regional caucus, run by the respective RVPs,
on best practices, representative’s view of their local committees
and a review of their Local Terms of Reference.

The committee adopted a working Theme, (Changing Times/Changing Needs)
which may be modified as we round out the speakers and workshops.

The committee finally adopted a number of conference objectives which
will help focus our work.


Respectfully submitted,

Jerry Dee

Chairperson of the Committee

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