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JUNE 2006

Jerry Dee Item 11(d)

The committee met on May 16th and 17th to review the agenda for the upcoming
national conference. We reorganized the agenda items and determined items
that required follow up. We also finalized the objectives for the conference
and agreed on a banner for the front of the room. We drafted the call letter
and reviewed an evaluation for the conference. We also had some preliminary
discussion regarding the guidelines for the Regional caucuses and looked
at some promotional items for the delegates and observers.

Finally, the committee prepared for the National Advisory Committee meeting.

At the Advisory Committee meeting we were advised that management is looking
at having another Programme Review as the last one was in 1999.

Two issues of concern were raised at the committee meeting. One of the
concerns being the Committee’s Terms of reference, which were changed
after CEUDA left the committee. The new terms reflect one union representative
for PSAC and one for PIPSC. We put forward the position that the PSAC representation
should be 2 and not one. The fact that PSAC chose to have the representation
split between its two components should have no impact on our current representation
on the committee. Management is to review and get back to us at the next

Our other concern was the issue of managers being referral agents. We
asked that management adopt a similar policy as that of the Union's policy
regarding Union Representatives being Referral Agents. We raised the concern
that we had when there was an attempt to involve referral agents and co-coordinator
counselors in the ADR network. We also said that under UMI we would have
a great deal of concern with Points of Contact being referral agents. Management
felt there was no problem with this and would not make any decision. They
suggested that this could be looked at during the next Programme Review.
We felt that this was not good enough and that this may need to be addressed
at the UMI table. The Committee would like to refer this item to the National
UMI Committee.


Respectfully submitted,


Jerry Dee

Chairperson of the Committee

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