Employee Assistance Program

Report of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Committee

December 2009

Doug Gaetz Item 11(d)

The Committee met September 2-3, 2009, to analyze the results of the EAP Questionnaire and prepare a summary report and recommendations. This was shared with the Executive Council.   A Power Point presentation containing important elements of the questionnaire was presented at the Presidents’ Conference in September 2009.  The Power Point presentation and the summary report were e-mailed to the Locals and the Executive Council.
We also met September 28-29 2009, to start preparations for the upcoming National EAP Conference to be held November 2010.

The Committee also attended the National EAP Business Meeting with the employer and discussed the following topics: Results of the EAP Consultations Group; Handling of Suicidal Calls Workshops; LAC basic course; the UTE Summary Report of the May 2009 - EAP Questionnaire Part I - Local Advisory Committee - 2007-2008 and the EAP statistics and confidentiality.

The Committee members attended the Health Work & Wellness Conference Sept 30 to Oct 3, 2009. We were hoping to obtain ideas for guest speakers for the National EAP Conference, as well as educational benefits on EAP.  From this particular conference, the Committee will review future participation as I do not believe that it met our needs. It was my opinion that this conference dealt more with the business aspect of EAP vs. educational needs.   We will wait to see what will be offered at the next events before registering.

All minutes of the Committee have been posted on the UTE web site and also sent to Executives Council and the Locals.


The committee has one (1) recommendation :

The Committee recommends that for the November 2010, National EAP Conference,  the airfare be set at Tango Plus.

Respectfully submitted,

Doug Gaetz
Chair of the Committee