Well-Being Committee

Minutes of the Employee Assistance Committee Meeting

February 26, 2009

The UTE National EAP Committee was invited to the National Business meeting held once a year with the Employer.  The Union was represented by:  Brother Doug Gaetz, Chairperson of the National EAP Advisory Committee and Sister Lyson Paquette, Technical Advisor.  Brother Terry Dupuis and Sister Corina Gladney were unable to attend, as they had other commitments.  This annual meeting includes:  the CRA EAP National Office, the Coordinators-Counsellors and Regional Managers from different regions.

1. EAP Network Training

The Employer has developed a model for EAP Network Training for the LAC and RA.  The model has three facets:  training for Local Advisory Committee (LAC), training for RA and common training on specific issues.
The union is satisfied with the model, as it is an increase in training for the LAC.

2. Basic Training for LAC members

The Employer presented an outline of the basic training.  We discussed different options on when and how the training will be provided.  The region will be responsible to plan the training.

3. EAP Evaluation Consultation Groups

Following the EAP Assessment, one of the recommendations was to gather information on the program with focus groups.  Consultation groups will be held at two sites per region, including HQ.  At each site, one group of employees and one group of managers will take part in the consultation (therefore, two groups of employees, and two groups of managers in each region).  The Union will be present at all focus group as an observer.  Union representatives from PIPSC or UTE to be decided amongst the Unions.  Brother Gaetz requested that the representation of the Union should not be limited to one representative of either PIPSC or UTE.  The schedule for the focus groups will be ready in April and the focus groups should be in May/June 2009.  As soon as it is possible, the Unions and the Employer will transmit the information simultaneously to all parties concerned.

4. CRA Mental Health Initiatives

The Employer presented an overview of the session given on:  “Promoting Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace”.  This session was presented by National EAP office staff at an external conference and received excellent comments.  The objectives are to increase awareness of mental health, reduce stigma and provide practical training and support to managers to assist them in supporting employees.

5. Priorities 2009-2012

The Employer presented the priorities.  One of the priorities is the new basic course for LAC.  The Union is very pleased with this decision.  Another priority is to provide more training and workshops on mental health.

Minutes prepared by Lyson Paquette
Technical Advisor
EAP Committee