Employee Assistance Program

Report of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Committee

September 2012

Bill Blair

The Committee met with the employer on June 12 2012 in Ottawa for the National EAP Advisory Committee meeting, but the committee was short one member.  Sister Harding provided notice that she was stepping down temporarily to work for the PSAC for an assignment and was not available for the meeting.

The agenda was discussed, as well as some of the follow-up items from the previous meeting.  The business was discussed and a summary of commitments was established for follow-up. 

E-counselling was a major factor of this presentation, as we had 3 different groups provide presentations that reflected their individual practices.  It was interesting, as they all had different approaches to providing their service, along with differing views on protecting the individual’s rights and information. 

The draft minutes of the National Meeting were sent to the Committee on August 14th and have not been approved for distribution as of yet.  As soon as they have been approved, they will be disseminated to Council and the Locals. 

A tentative date for January 15th, 2013 has been submitted as the next possible date for a meeting.  The chair of the committee has suggested January 22nd, due to scheduling conflicts and is hopeful that the employer will be able to change their date.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Blair
Chair of the Committee