Well-Being Committee

Report of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Committee

June 2014

Bill Blair

The Employee Assistance Committee met with the Employer on March 4th to discuss a number of issues. 

This meeting was the first one since the postponement of the meeting that was to take place on December 11th.  CRA provided notice that this postponement was required due to personal reasons, and an explanation was provided to the members of the committee. 

The minutes of the meeting will be forwarded as soon as they become available.

Some of the issues discussed were the following:

  • Mental Health at the CRA
  • Local Advisory Committees
  • Replacing Coordinator- counsellors
  • Workshops/Tools/Resources

The UTE thanked the National Employment Assistance Program for their support during our successful Mental Health Conferences.  The quality of their presenters added to the experience of these events and displayed the professionalism of the program.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Blair
Chair of the Committee