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MARCH 2004

Linda Cassidy Item 11(f)

Our committee is scheduled to meet March 26-28, 2004. During the meeting we
will be discussing the format for the National EO Conference. There have been
two Regional EO Conferences to date, one scheduled in January in Vancouver
and the second in Windsor in February. The committee has two conferences scheduled
for after the Presidents Conference. To date the conferences have been well
received and the evaluations have provided some very constructive comments.
The committee will be reviewing the evaluations during our meeting so that
we may make recommendations for future conferences.

The committee is also continuing their work on the module we were asked to
develop. As previously indicated, the equity module will be on how to do an
employment system review of CCRA policies and practices to identify and remove
systemic and attitudinal barriers to employment opportunities for persons of
designated groups.

The draft document outlined the main points to cover during the module:

  • Objectives
  • Goal
  • Legal framework
  • What is an employment systems review?
  • When do you have to conduct and ESR?
  • Understanding employment barriers
  • The approach to conducting an ESR

The next step is to prepare the document to include notes for the facilitators
and exercises to put in practice the material presented.

The committee is continuing our attempts at getting the results of the CHRC
Audit conducted on the CCRA, we have not yet obtained a copy but will endeavour
to get the copies out to Council and the Locals as soon as it is available.

We have not yet received an official response to our letter to the CHRC on
the interpretation of section 15. A follow up letter has been sent.

The committee received a response from the employer on allowing special leave
under article 54 for when members are in Battered Women’s Shelters.
The employer’s response was not positive and we will continue to pursue
this item.

The committee has a meeting scheduled the afternoon of March 29th with the

A verbal report on the committee meeting as well as the meeting with the employer
will be provided during council.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Cassidy,

Chairperson of the Committee

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