Equal Opportunities Committee

Report of the Equal Opportunities (EO) Committee

September 2005

Linda Cassidy Item 11(f)

Our committee met May 16 -18, the minutes were sent out to Council and the Locals. Our main agenda topics were 1) CRA’s Strategic Direction 2) Networking 3) Convention Resolutions 4) Hotel Accessibility 5) Regional Employment Equity Reports and 6) An EO Survey regarding observers.

The Committee completed the survey and it was distributed to the locals with an August 26th deadline.  The Survey did have a short turn around time as it was distributed via email on July 22nd but a reminder was also sent August 22nd to Council to have them follow up with their locals.  The committee believes that responses to this survey are critical as the issue was a topic of discussion during this convention.   To date 32 locals have yet to respond.  I am seeking council’s assistance in getting your locals to complete and return this survey.

In closing, this will be my last report as the Chair of the UTE EO Committee and I want to take this opportunity to thank my committee (and all committee members past and present) for all their hard work and dedication.  It has been a pleasure working with all the members of this committee.  I have to specifically thank Lina Ruel for which without her my transition both on and off this committee would have been and will be seamless, Lina was a wonderful staff advisor to work with and I will miss working with her.  Brother Dupuis, it has been a pleasure and I will miss our work together and to Sister Bembridge, well now we will have to find something else to argue about, just kidding Dar, it has been a pleasure.  Finally, I also want to thank council for the support shown myself and this committee over the years and I wish the new committee all the best in the years to come.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Cassidy,
Chairperson of the Committee