Equal Opportunities Committee

Report of the Equal Opportunities (EO) Committee

June 2005

Linda Cassidy Item 11(f)

Our committee met March 14-15, minutes are attached. Our committee also met on May 16-18, the minutes will be sent out to Council and the Locals as soon as they are available. Our main agenda topics were:

  • CRA’s Employment Equity Strategic Direction
  • Networking
  • Convention Resolutions
  • Special needs of UTE members when making hotel arrangements
  • Regional Employment Equity Reports
  • An EO Survey regarding observers
  • Observers at UTE regional and national EO conferences

The Committee also prepared for the scheduled meeting with the employer. An update will be provided verbally to Council and details will go out in the minutes.

On May 18th the committee had a meeting with the employer. The employer updated the committee on the various initiatives of the Agency. The Agenda included:

  • Employment Systems Review
  • Employment Equity Strategic Direction for 2005-2008
  • EE Annual Report for 2003-2004
  • Electronic workforce profile survey
  • Employment Equity as Placement criteria

One of the major areas of concern was the employer’s position on Employment Equity as Placement criteria and we continued to reiterate to the employer our concerns with their new direction. We advised that we would continue to lobby against the changes they wanted to proceed with and believed they should change their focus from expanding the use of the words on posters to actually using the criteria when possible.

The PSAC EOC held their meeting in Ottawa May 9-12th and I attended on the Committees behalf. I have attached a copy of the Agenda and will provide the minutes when available to council members.

Brother Parris and myself also attended the National Council of Visible Minorities Annual General Meeting as well as several other UTE members. ( This was approved as a non-UTE event).

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Cassidy,
Chairperson of the Committee

Draft Agenda
May 10-12, 2005
PSAC EOC Meeting

Tuesday, May 10, 5 hour Facilitated Session on Roles and Responsibilities
Wednesday, May 11, 4 hour Facilitated Session on Convention Introduction and Strategies
Lunch session for EOC Action Advisory Sub-Committee and for the EOC Action Communications Sub-Committee (date to be determined)

1) Adoption of Agenda

2) Introductions/Administration

3) Approval of Previous Minutes

4) Activity Reports

4.1 Co-Chair Reports
4.2 Programs Section Report
4.3 Activity Report from EOC Equity/Component Members

5) Use of Employer emails as a contact point for reps to Equity Conference (Carolyn McGillivray)

6) 3rd National CLC Solidarity and Pride Conference - Quebec
Information only (Gerard Ennis)

7) Racism-Free Workplace Strategy (Nicole Ma)

8) Distribution of Material/Special Day Events
(Linda Cassidy / (Robin East)

9) Resolutions from Access 2005 (Robin East)

10) Accessible check list (Robin East)

11) “Agenda" (Robin East)

12) Chair of the EOC (Robin East)

13) Analysis of required training for Human Rights Committees
(Carolyn McGillivray)

14) EOC to work with National Education Program to incorporate human rights and equity issues into skills-based training
(Kay Sinclair)

15) Production of the equivalent of the Out and About Brochure
(Kay Sinclair)

16) Workers Out Conference in Montreal, August 2006 (Kay Sinclair)

17) Equity Reps attending CLC Convention (Edmond Kwan)

18) Equity Reps be involved in the facility selection of the PSAC Triennial Convention (Edmond Kwan)

19) National Council of Visible Minority (Linda Cassidy)

20) Airfares (Linda Cassidy)

21) New Business

22) Next Meeting / Adjournment