Executive Committee


Executive Committee


JUNE 2003

Betty Bannon Item 10

The Committee met April 2nd and May 26th, 2003 and
the Minutes have been distributed. The following recommendations are

UTE Items Budget for Council Members:

The following resolution was referred to the Committee:

Be it resolved that an annual budget (2003, 2004, 2005) be granted to
each member of the UTE Executive Council;

Be it further resolved that this budget be in the form of UTE items:

Be it further resolved that the amount of this budget in UTE items be
defined by the members when they debate this resolution (should be approximately
$2000 per year); and

Be it lastly resolved that each member report this budget’s expenses
on the attached sample form, or on any other form chosen by the Executive

Although the committee agreed on the principle of each Council member
being able to have “give aways” available to them for such
things as Annual General Meetings they also recognized logistic problems
if such “give aways” entailed clothing i.e.: bulk, storage,
sizes etc. The committee also looked at the issue per meeting rather than
a yearly budget. The committee recommends the following:

Recommendation 1:

Very similar to the pocket calendars that are ordered each year for the
Council members, the National Office will also order the following UTE
items: pens, key chains, earrings and calculators. In November/December
each Council member will receive their allotment of UTE pocket calendars
and five each of the UTE pens, key chains, earrings and calculators to
distribute to members as they see fit. In addition, each Council member
may request from the National Office $100 worth of items per Annual General
Meeting of the pens, key chains, earrings and calculators.

Non-Commercial Accommodation Allowance:

The following resolution was referred to the committee:

Be it resolved that “non-commercial” accommodation costs
be paid to the member as compensation, at the same rates as those enforced
by Treasury Board, as compensation payment.

The committee agreed that there should be such an allowance but it should
have no link to the Treasury Board or the CCRA. As such, the committee
recommends the following amendment to the Reimbursement of Expenses Regulation:

Recommendation 2:

12.8 General

12.8.1 Non-Commercial Accommodation Allowance

(1) The President or 1st National Vice President may approve the use of
non-commercial accommodation for authorized UTE business. If approved,
an allowance of $50.00 per day night will be paid.

(2) The use of non-commercial accommodations will not increase any other
expense that would be paid had the individual stayed at a commercial accommodation.

12.8.2 Incidental Allowance

(1) Any member using commercial or institutional accommodations (i.e.:
Rigaud, Nav Can, a University) that provides all meals will be entitled
to an incidental allowance of $15.00 a day, excluding the days of travel.
A full per diem will be applicable on the days of travel.

Renumber the current (1), (2) and (3)

Canadian Labour Congress Mid-Term Conference:

The document announcing the Conference was provided to the Committee.
It was agreed that the Committee would recommend this Conference to the
Council as a Non UTE Event. There is a separate agenda item dealing with
this. The Conference is to be held in Ottawa, October 17th to 19th and
it will focus on building the labour movement in the workplace and the
community by raising the profile of the Canadian labour movement creating
a positive image of unions and demonstrating the labour movement’s
concern about broader social issues.

Acting Staff Assignments by Elected Officials:

It was agreed that the President would put this item on the June Council
agenda as a discussion item. Some of the questions raised were: what should
happen to the political elected position while someone is acting; who should
the positions be open to. This item has been placed on the agenda for discussion.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Bannon

Chairperson of the Committee

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