Executive Committee


Executive Committee


JUNE 2005

Betty Bannon Item 10

The committee met on May 9th with the following agenda items for discussion:

  1. Call Centres
  2. Follow up Questionnaire
  3. UMI / Initiative syndicale
  4. Staffing in the National Office
  5. Possible Jurisdictional Disputes

In attendance: Betty Bannon, Bob Campbell, Denis Lalancette, Marcel Bertrand

Call Centres :

The president referred this item to the committee since there
had been an earlier request to have a person or committee assigned the Call
centre issues and to also look at the possibility to set a network so that
they may communicate with each other. It was noted that the employer has,
at times, played the Call sites off against each other and there had been some
concerns raised by some of the members.

A general discussion was held keeping in mind that each Call site belongs
to a local and that they also have an RVP to help with any problems. In the
committee’s opinion there may not be “special” problems in
a Call site vs. a TSO or TC. However, assisting in setting up a network was
considered a good idea. Some of the problems noted were; the use of Terms or
Seasonal Indeterminate employees, staffing, shift work, split shifts and monitoring.

It was agreed to help set up a network by using the employer’s list
of Call sites and having each affected local, through the RVPs, to name a local
politician and Call site member who would receive and send information to other
Call sites. However, this may not take place until the Fall due to the schedule
of events taking place prior to that.

Follow up Questionnaire:

The committee agreed that a follow up to the questionnaire was essential
but did discuss the type of follow up that should be done. The committee
makes the following recommendation:

Recommendation 1:

Be it resolved that UTE update then re-issue the original questionnaire to
the membership and;

Be it further resolved that UTE hire Environics to complete the analysis of
the results of the questionnaire.

By doing this, it will allow UTE to have a comparative analysis completed
thus, will be able to see if improvements have been made in the eyes of the

UMI (Union Management Initiative):

A national meeting was held on April 24th with the unions and the Commissioner.
The Commissioner announced that it was his intention to proceed with UMI
nationally and that he would be taking this to AMC.

UTE did express some concern with the focus on ADR in the training but believed
when the training course was reviewed by the Steering Committee the course
could be revised. It was agreed that there would be a Steering Committee made
up of 3 union and 3 employer representatives. Our member on the committee will
be Bob Campbell.

It was further agreed that there would be one day training session for the
senior union and CRA management representatives. They would also finalize the
mandate for the Steering Committee. A working group would finalize the one
day course. Due to the numbers involved it will take more than one session
to train the senior individuals. The UMI philosophy was discussed and agreed
upon as written.

The Executive Committee raised the concern of translation for the course.
It was stated that the course was not designed to use translation but to be
presented in one of the official languages. The president raised this concern
with Staff Relations and now the courses will be given in only English or French
instead of with translation. It was also requested that the current one day
course be forwarded to the working group so they can start reviewing it now.

Staffing in the National Office:

The president wanted the committees input on the IT job options: a single
job, a blended job with the Web/Communications job, outsources the job
etc. It was also stated that the Technological Audit had commenced and
that a report should be available to the President by this council meeting.
The Audit should outline short term and long term recommendations for the
organization which UTE will react to. This may entail bringing resolutions
to the council in June and/or September for expenditure of funds.

The committee was also advised that the paperwork for the hiring of a new
Executive Assistant to the President would be done prior to the Convention
but interviews would not commence until after the Convention.

Possible Jurisdictional Disputes:

Shortly, the CRA should announce that work performed by members of another
component will be transferred to the CRA. Depending on the reaction of
the other component, we may be in the middle of a dispute of which component
those members should belong to. There may also be an announcement of some
Ontario Corporate work coming to the CRA.

In Solidarity,

Betty Bannon,

Chair of the Committee

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