Executive Committee

Report of the Executive Committee

March 2012

Bob Campbell Item 10

The Committee met on January 19th. President Campbell was presiding.  In attendance: Chris Aylward, Denis Lalancette, Sabri Khayat, Annette Melanson, the following items were dealt with.

1. New RVP Training and Handbook

Training for new RVPs is required and resources, in addition to the By-Laws and Regulations; the Help Book; and sundry PSAC courses, is desirable. Brother Lalancette and Sister Melanson will develop a draft product and will report back to the Committee with this draft product.

2. UTE Scholarship to CLC Labour College

While there is a Regulation outlining the Marguerite Stonehouse Memorial Scholarship, there is currently nothing in writing in the form of a By-Law, Regulation, a Bulletin or a policy on the mechanics of how the applicants are chosen, ranked and awarded scholarships.  The Committee agreed to refer this suggestion to the UTE Standing Honours and Awards Committee for action.

3. Help Booklet for Local when a member passes

There is a need to develop a help booklet or kit for Locals to use as a resource when a member dies to ensure that all of the members’ rights and entitlements are accessed. Sister Melanson will develop this, in conjunction with the resources already available to members through the CRA Infozone; the CRA Compensation Client Services Centre; the PSAC; The Association of Public Service Retirees (APSAR) and the various government agencies.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Campbell,
Chair of the Committee