Finance Committee

Report of the Finance Committee

September 2007

Bob Campbell Item 11(j)

The committee had a brief meeting on August 25, during the National Health and Safety Conference.  In attendance:  Robert Campbell – Chair, Cosimo Crupi, Doug Gaetz, and Esther Burt, There was only one topic on the agenda, a review of the upcoming UTE dues increase for 2008.

The committee reviewed the up to date financial statements and discussed the approved budgets for 2007 and 2008.

After due consideration the Committee makes the following Recommendation to Council.

Recommendation #1 to Council:

Whereas the Union of Taxation Employees By-Law 5, MEMBERSHIP DUES, Section 1 states: The monthly per capita dues for membership in UTE shall be set by the Convention. The Executive Council may lower the monthly union dues payable to UTE when exceptional circumstances occur; and

Whereas during the debate at the last convention a commitment was made that the finance committee would monitor the proposed dues increase; and

Whereas the UTE National Finance committee has met and reviewed the budget against the up to date financial statements.

Be it resolved that the upcoming dues increase of $00.25 per member per month that is to come into effect on January 1st 2008 not be implemented.

Moved By Bob Campbell
Seconded by Cosimo Crupi

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Campbell
Chairperson of the Committee