Harassment Committee (disbanded 2015)

Report of the Harassment Committee

September 2011

Jean-Pierre Fraser Item 11(i)

The Committee has not met since the last meeting of the Executive Council. However, the Chair wants to inform the Executive Council about the questions raised at the last inter-regional held in August in the Montreal region, which Sister Lyson Paquette (technical advisor on the committee) attended. The locals are concerned about, among other things, the 25-day time limit for filing a grievance and signing the grievance in the smaller offices, which would affect the confidentiality of the information.

For recommendation 2 submitted in June, the Committee has not followed up on that recommendation following the departure of the Committee Chair and the convention activities, which required a great deal of time. After consulting with Sister Paquette, we feel that it is preferable to wait until after the Presidents’ Conference to take the pulse of the participants. This will enable the new committee chair to better prepare our discussions with the employer.

Respectfully submitted,

Jean-Pierre Fraser
Acting Chair of the Committee