Harassment Committee (disbanded 2015)

Report of the Harassment Committee

March 2011

Cosimo Crupi Item 11(i)

The Committee met in Ottawa on January 12-13, 2011. Present were the Chair of the Committee Cosimo Crupi, Co-Chair Jean-Pierre Fraser, and President’s Representative Christine McLennan. Our Technical Advisor Lyson Paquette was absent for the meeting.

Attached to this report is a copy of the agenda for the meeting as well as the minutes that have been prepared. (not available at this time)

The following recommendations are being proposed to Council

1.   Terms of REference

The Committee read and reviewed the Terms of Reference.  The Committee has noticed some housekeeping issues that need to be addressed.

The Terms of Reference currently refer to Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) – The Committee Recommends changing the reference to reflect the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

No Further amendments are required and the Committee feels the Terms of Reference are in order.

2. review of the internal harassment policy, guidelines, etc.

Bulletin 16/07 – October 1, 2007

The Committee reviewed the document and is considering the following changes:

  1. Employers Definition is out dated – the new policy will have to be included
  2. Refer to Lyson to see if the examples are current to the new policy – if so, maybe changes are in order
  3. Case quoted will need to be referred to Lyson to see if there is a current case to include
  4. Changing the past Chair’s name to the current Chair.

Respectfully submitted,

Cosimo Crupi
Chairperson of the Committee