Health and Safety Committee

Report of the Health and Safety Committee

September 2009

Chris Aylward Item 11(e)

The committee met in Ottawa, June 23rd and 24th.  The committee discussed the agenda for the upcoming Regional Conferences in 2010. The agenda, although not finalized is complete with a combination of workshops and guest speakers on issues relating to Mental Health and Healthy Living. A bulletin was distributed to all locals explaining the importance of the Local Workplace Minutes being sent to the National Office.  This will be further discussed at the next President’s Conference. Minutes of the meeting will be distributed when available.

A bulletin was distributed regarding Hand Sanitizers in the workplace and the fact that CRA has not endorsed the use of Hand Sanitizer. Since that bulletin was issued, the Chair has received notices that in several workplaces management have made a decision to purchase and install Hand Sanitizers.  The Chair will discuss this issue with the President as co-chair of the NHSPC.

The Chair, along with Brother Campbell visited several AED distributors in Ottawa and a decision was made on which product to purchase for UTE’s use.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Aylward
Chair of the Committee