Health and Safety Committee

Report of the Health and Safety Committee

March 2010

Chris Aylward Item 11(e)

The Committee met on December 13, 2009, minutes are attached. The Committee also met Monday, February 8th, following the Regional Conference in Toronto. Following that conference there will be some changes to the delivery of certain agenda items of the conference. Overall the conference was well received by the participants and very positive comments were received. There was a NHSPC meeting on March 11th, 2010, agenda is attached and the minutes will be distributed when available. The Chair of the committee has had several meetings with the employer concerning Hazard Prevention and defibrillators. The Chair of the committee will be attending a presentation by the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation on March 25th regarding defibrillators in the workplace.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Aylward
Chair of the Committee