Health and Safety Committee

Report of the Health and Safety Committee

December 2011

Chris Aylward Item 11(e)

The Committee met on December 2nd and had a preliminary discussion on the National Health and Safety Conference.  Minutes will be distributed when they are available.

There was a meeting of the National Health and Safety Policy Committee on December 1st and the minutes will be distributed when available.

The PSAC held a Policy Committee Forum November 22-23 in Ottawa, this was attended by three members of our committee – Debbie Ferguson, Doug Gaetz and Pierre Mulvihill.

A bulletin on responsibility for parking lots has been distributed on behalf of the committee as well several discussions with the employer has also taken place on issues such as a commitment statement on Health and Safety and the terms of reference for the policy committee is also currently under review.

Violence Prevention Policy and the training package are both now available on Infozone in the health and safety section.

Final version of the Job Hazard Analysis has been released.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Aylward
Chair of the Committee