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In March 2005, the Honours and Awards Committee presented the Executive
Council with the following recommendations for awards.

Joy Harrison Godfroy Côté Award
Betty Bannon UTE Life Memberships Award

These were approved by council, and presented to the recipients at the
July 2005 Convention, held in St John, New Brunswick.

The committee met the week of June 27 – 29, to review the scholarship
applications.  We received 31 applications from 8 Regions.  Submissions
were not received from Prairie or the National Capital Region.

As a result of the review, scholarships have been awarded to the following

National Scholarship $2500

Véronique Bélanger Québec Region Parent:  Gilles Bélanger
Thomas Smith Pacific Region Grandparent:  Margaret Sloan

Regional Scholarship $1000

Lee Baker Toronto Region Parent:  Kathleen Baker
Michael Barnes Rocky Mtn Region Parent:  Keith  Barnes
Hayley Bouzek Pacific Region Parent:  Norma Bouzek
Angela Britto Toronto Region Parent:  Antonipillai Britto
Stephanie Ferguson Northern/Eastern Ont. Reg. Parent:  Sharon Ferguson
Sandra Harvey Québec Parent:  Remi Harvey
Jenna Marinuzzi Southern Ont. Region Parent:  Bryan/Gerda Martinuzzi
Étienne Meunier Montreal Parent:  Murielle Meunier
Josh O’Kane Atlantic Region Parent: Joanne O’Kane
Samantha Parris Atlantic Region Parent:  Joseph Parris

As two regions did not have any submissions, two additional scholarships
were awarded to the Atlantic and Toronto Regions.

All applications have been made available to the communications committee.  The
committee has also recommended that the essays of the two National Winners
be printed in the next newsletter along with pictures. 

All successful candidates including pictures, are to be posted on the

I would like to thank Terry Dupuis and Denis Lalancette for their work
on this committee for the last three years.  As well, I would like
to thank Carmen Armstrong for stepping in to assist our committee since
Mike left.  She has been a great help in setting up a data bank etc.

Respectfully submitted,

Pamela Abbott

Chairperson of the Committee


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