Honours and Awards Committee

Report of the Honours and Awards Committee

June 2006

Terry Dupuis Item 11(g)

The committee met on May 6, 2006 to consider the referrals back to the committee. (See minutes attached)

The committee in trying to create this award was looking at a vehicle to be used to honor people for outstanding Humanitarian works.

More and more, unions have come to the realization that unions have a much greater roll to play than merely collective bargaining. This can be seen in the Social Justice Fund created by the PSAC and fully supported by the UTE. Closer to home we have stepped outside the box and decided that political action is the direction of the future. We also have pledged our support financially and otherwise, to further the humanitarian works of Captain Ed Smith.

With this in mind, the committee wanted to create an award that honor the humanitarian works of our membership and possibly Canadian residents who serve as examples of the values of brotherhood and sisterhood espoused by the unions.

The Award when made would also raise the prestige of the union and foster community support for our organization. It should also bring with it the very real possibility of media coverage which will promote the cause of the recipient and provide good will for the Union.

The referrals when looked at as a whole,  “…only members of UTE in good standing…..cap amount at $1000.00….only one award annually…no carry over…” the committee felt that the purpose of the award needed to be more fully explained. If we were to agree to all of the referrals we would have nothing more than another opportunity to donate $1000.00 to a worthy cause. If that were the case we could apply under the Donations line item.

The committee agrees that the funding should not be carried over and that by having at most only one award per year would lend prestige to the award. The amount though, we felt should remain at $5000.00 to make a significant statement. Although, the committee agrees the priority consideration should be given to members in good standing of UTE, that we should not be limiting ourselves as we are making an attempt to reach out to the broader community.

Recommendation No. 1: (Change to Regulation 24)

24.6 (new) The Union of Taxation Employees Humanitarian Award

(1)       All nominations for this award must be received by the Chair of the Honours and Awards Committee by December 7th of each year.
(2)       The award shall be a suitably inscribed plaque and will include an annual award of up to $5000.00 which can be made in the name of one recipient or split among multiple recipients. 
(3)       The amount of the award and the recipient(s) will be recommended by the Honours and Awards Committee to the Executive Council.
(4)       The monetary award will be paid to the cause espoused by the recipient(s) or to a charity of their choice.
(5)       Should the award not be made in any particular year the funds will carry over to the following year.
(6)       No single award shall exceed $5000.00.

(5)       Nominees must have: 

(a) To be a Canadian or resident of Canada and live within Canada.
(b) Demonstrated their commitment to a humanitarian cause where there is extreme need.
(c) Exhibited exemplary service to others within their community, their country or throughout the world.

  1. Definition of Exemplary Service:
    1. outstanding;
    2. serving as an example;
    3. admirable, commendable, ideal model, praiseworthy or exceptionable. 

24.6.1 – Presentation

(1) If an award has been adopted by the Executive Council at their March or June meetings, the award shall be presented at the September Presidents Conference.

(2) If the nominee is not attending the event, UTE will cover the necessary expenses if the nominee wishes to attend to receive their award.

24.7 – The old 24.6 shall become 24.7

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Dupuis,
Chairperson of the Committee