Honours and Awards Committee

Report of the Honours and Awards Committee

December 2007

Terry Dupuis Item 11(g)

The Committee met in October and reviewed the applications for the ICA trip in February.  The successful applicants were; the member, Amy Colbourne, from St. John’s TC, and the student was Keegan Burt from Toronto. Letters were sent to all the applicants advising them of the above.  Once again we had very good applications and the decision was very tough.  I am sure though, that our choices will be as good as last year.

The Committee also reviewed the Scholarship essay topics and has decided to make the following recommendations to Council.

Recommendation #1

Be it resolved that we delete the topic, “Why my job or my Parents job is important to Canadians”.

Be it further resolved that we replace it with: “What effect globalization is having on workers’ rights and Human rights in Canada”.

We also have written Terms of Reference for the Committee.

Recommendation #2

Be it resolved that the attached terms of Reference be adopted for the Honour and Awards Committee.

We are unanimously putting the following name forward for the Honorary UTE Membership award.

Recommendation #3

Be it resolved that Lina Ruel be given the award of Honorary Membership with the Union of Taxation Employees.

We also discussed the next topic that the Committee will be using for our Essay topic, and it will be Sale of Federal Government buildings and what impact it will have on the People of Canada.

The committee is hoping to meet again on January 19th and 20th of 2008.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Dupuis,
Chairperson of the Committee