Honours and Awards Committee

Report of the Honours and Awards Committee

September 2008

Terry Dupuis Item 11(g)

The committee met from June 23rd to 27th. We reviewed all of the Scholarship applications and the following are the successful applicants for this year’s awards. We did not have applications from all of the Regions so the next highest qualifiers received the awards for those Regions as per last practise when no applications were received for a Region.

National Awards:

Brittany McLean – Diana Gee Award – Atlantic Region
Brianne Axelson – National Ute Award – Pacific Award

Regional Awards:

Sophie Andrews – Northern and Eastern Ontario – Rocky Mountains Award
Catherine Bruneau – Montreal Award
Marcus Drover – Atlantic Award
Dave Elgie – Southwestern Ontario Award
Rhiannon Evans – Greater Toronto – National Capital award.
Benoit Fraser – Quebec Award
Ariel Hartman – Pacific award
Giridhar Kaushik – Greater Toronto Award
Stephanie Lombaert – Prairie Award
Stephanie Price – Northern and Eastern Ontario Award

All certificates and cheques have been sent out to the Locals of the successful applicants to have their pictures taken and submitted to the Communications Committee. All files for the successful applicants have been turned over to the Communications Committee as well.

The committee also has one recommendation as follows:

Recommendation #1


(1) The award shall be a suitably inscribed framed certificate.

(2) Nominees must:

(a) be members in good standing of U.T.E.;
(b) demonstrated their dedication and commitment to their cause(s).

(i) Definition of dedication and commitment:

(1) involvement in their cause(s) for at least two (2) years;
(2) serving as an example;

(3) The application shall contain the following;

(a) name of the nominee;
(b) who the submission is from;
(c)  introduction of the nominee;
(d) short biography;
(e) detailed information as to the nominee’s activities in the community.
(f) detailed information indicating the time devoted and the level of achievement.

24.X.X Presentation

(1) The award shall be presented at a Local, Regional or National event by a   Union Official.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Dupuis,
Chairperson of the Committee