Honours and Awards Committee

Report of the Honours and Awards Committee

April 2008

Terry Dupuis Item 11(g)

The Committee met January 11 to 13, 2008.  We reviewed one application for the Humanitarian Award and although it was a good application it did not meet the requirements of the Humanitarian Award.  I have advised the person that submitted the request, and they understood once I explained the requirements for the Award.

The Committee will be making a presentation during the time given to us at the Presidents’ Conference.  The presentation will be about all of the awards, and where to find them.  We will be passing out a certificate to all the Local Presidents, thanking them for all their work at the local level.

We also have the following recommendations:

Recommendation no.1- Godfroy Côté Award

Be it Resolved that the following recommendations be adopted:

Recommendation no. 1 – Life Membership Award

Recommendation no. 2 – Life Membership Award

The Committee is scheduled to meet again from June 23 to June 27, 2008 for Scholarship Awards.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Dupuis,
Chairperson of the Committee