Honours and Awards Committee

Report of the Honours and Awards Committee

March 2009

Terry Dupuis Item 11(g)

The committee met January 21st 2009 in Ottawa. We reviewed two applications for the Humanitarian Awards, and one for the new Community service award. Review of the two Humanitarian awards did not meet the criteria required for this award, but they did qualify for the community service awards, we decided to send them back and advised the members that they were not accepted for the Humanitarian Award, but advised them that they should be resubmitted for the community Service Award. We have one recommendation to follow for the Community Service Award.

We also discussed the issue that was referred to us by the National President to review the idea of naming our Regional Scholarships awards after Members of UTE that have been long time active activists. We decided unanimously that these Scholarships for the Regions should remain named as they are currently. We felt that sooner or later we would run out of scholarships to be named after, and what would happen if someone very deserving came along, what would we do then. We came to a decision that when a member is deserving for hard work and they passed away, that maybe the local that the member came from could name an award after that person, such  as the award in the Saint John NB Local award for an activist from that Local. Also the Edmonton Local named a Scholarship award after Marguerite Stonehouse some years ago.

We also decided to change the application deadline for the ICA trip to September 15th, and this is now on the web.

We have several recommendations:

Recommendation 1 - ICA - UTE Member Applicants

Members of UTE that are the successful applicant have all costs covered by UTE, but not including Leave.

Recommendation 2 - ICA – Member Applicant  

If a member of UTE does not apply, and if we have more than one deserving student, then we send two (2) students.

Recommendation 3 - ICA- Student Applicant

If a Student does not apply, and if we have more than one deserving UTE Member, we fund two (2) UTE members to go.

Recommendation 4 – Community Service Award

That Brenda Skayman receives the 1st Union of Taxation Employees Community Service Award. See attached information.

Recommendation 5 – Regulation 24.1.1 Administration Honour and Awards

24.1.1(1) Change as follows:

Nominations listed in this regulation must be submitted by a member other than the nominee.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Dupuis,
Chair of the Committee