Honours and Awards Committee

Report of the Honours and Awards Committee

March 2013

Jean-Pierre Fraser

The Committee has not met since the last meeting of the Executive Council.

The Committee received a special request concerning some recognition for 45 years of union activism. The Committee made a recommendation which was accepted by the National President.

The Committee also reviewed two proposals for the Betty Bannon Health and Safety Award. The selection of the recipient was approved by the chair of the National Health and Safety Committee. (See recommendation 1).

The award can be presented at a local AGM, a Presidents’ Conference, a regional event or a national conference by the local president, a member of the Executive Council or the chair of the Honours and Awards Committee, to the extent possible.

Recommendation 1

Be it resolved that ……TBA………..  be presented with the Betty Bannon Health and Safety Award.

Moved by: Jean-Pierre Fraser
Seconded by: Robin Johnson

Respectfully submitted,

Jean-Pierre Fraser,
Chair of the Committee