Honours and Awards Committee

Report of the Honours and Awards Committee

December 2013

Jean-Pierre Fraser

The Committee met on September 29, 2013.

The Committee reviewed the referral made to the Committee by the Executive Council in September and made the requested changes.

(See recommendation no. 1)

The Committee reviewed the subsidy applications for International Children's Awareness Canada (ICA). It selected the following nominations: the member is Sarachel Noel from local 70030 of the Ottawa Technology Centre, and the student is Jesse Donston from local 70030 as well. Each candidate has been informed by letter. We received excellent nominations.

The Committee also reviewed a nomination for honorary membership in the Union of Taxation Employees. That nomination was unanimously accepted.

(See recommendation no. 2)

I am taking this opportunity to thank Dianne Rayner, Robin Johnson, Denis Lalancette and Sylvie Bastien on our committee.

Recommendation no. 1

Be it resolved that Regulation 24.8 be amended as follows: the documents shall be distributed at the table.

Moved by: Jean-Pierre Fraser
Seconded by: Robin Johnson

Recommendation no. 2 

Be it resolved that XXXXXX be awarded honorary membership in the Union of Taxation Employees.

Respectfully submitted,

Jean-Pierre Fraser,
Chair of the Committee