Report of the Honours and Awards Committee

Honours and Awards Committee
Report of the Honours and Awards Committee
September 2014

Jean-Pierre Fraser

The Committee met from July 8 to 10, 2014, to analyze and award the UTE scholarships for the year 2014.

We received 59 applications, which is five less than last year. Choosing the recipients is difficult because we receive high-quality applications.

Here are the winners

The national $2,500.00 scholarships for 2014 are awarded to:

National Diana Gee scholarship: Sheetal Kafle, Pacific Region

The other national scholarship is awarded to: Junxi Lao, South-western Ontario Region

The regional $1,000.00 scholarships for 2014 are awarded to:

Al Rollins Atlantic Regional Scholarship: Anna Stassis
Quebec Regional Scholarship: Catherine Houde
Jean Bergeron Montreal Regional Scholarship: Noémie Payette
National Capital Regional Scholarship: Jonathan Guillotte-Blouin
North-eastern Ontario Regional Scholarship: Bailey Kimball
Nick Stein South-western Ontario Regional Scholarship: Slavko Mihic
Greater Toronto Regional Scholarship: Janelle Wilson-Leung
Prairies Regional Scholarship: Erica Saccary
Don Davoren Rocky Mountains Regional Scholarship: Mackenzie Tuttle
Pacific Regional Scholarship: Onowhoakpo Aregheore

The committee also followed up on the creating of web pages for former UTE presidents and for the executive councils.

See the minutes from the meeting for all the details

The Committee Chair thanked all committee members for their excellent participation in this meeting. He gave a special thank-you to Dianne Rayner for her final participation in this committee, since she will be retiring in 2015.

Respectfully submitted,

Jean-Pierre Fraser,
Chair of the Committee