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March 2005

Nick Stein Item (m)

The Committee met December 9/05 (minutes were sent out in a separate bulletin)
and at that time it was decided to send a second request to the locals
for information as well as extending the deadline for replying. As of the
writing of this report the following locals have not replied:

Vancouver – Southern Interior B.C. – Victoria – Burnaby
Fraser – Surrey

Calgary – Winnipeg – Winnipeg TC – Regina - Kitchener

Rouyn-Noranda – Monteregie South Shore – Laval – Outaouais

Charlottetown, St. Catharines.

One of the tasks was to prepare a comprehensive document with all of the
information from federal, provincial and local political jurisdictions.
While this task is not difficult, in fact, members of the committee divided
up the work with the full knowledge locals would not comply. However, due
to the additional workload of the staff advisor, this document is not complete.

The council resolution also asked for recommendations as a result of the
work the committee has under its’ mandate. It is the intent to supply
the applicable information for their locals from the document being prepared.

The committee also makes the following recommendations:

Be it resolved that UTE Executive Council submit a resolution to the UTE
Convention in 2005 to request a UTE standing committee on Political Action.

Rationale – It is apparent to the Committee that lobbying of politicians
at all levels is fast becoming a priority to not just UTE, but Unions in
general. This was apparent during the recent round of bargaining and it
will be necessary for such areas as job security and classification.

Be it resolved that a module on political action/lobbying be developed
and made part of the new UTE Local Training course.

Rationale – We can not expect activists to be part of the lobbying
process without minimal training.

Respectfully submitted,

Nick Stein,

Chair of the Committee


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