Political Action Committee

Report of the Political Action Committee

September 2009

 Nick Stein Item (m)

The Committee Chair tabled three (3) recommendations to the June/09 Executive Council, which were all passed.

The first recommendation was “That the UTE will “NOT” endorse a political party or individual candidates in a federal election.”

The second recommendation was “That the UTE PAC will develop a communiqué outlining issues of importance to the members in regards to the next federal election.”

The third recommendation was “That the UTE will develop a workplace action plan for all Locals in regards to Bill C-10. It is intended that this plan will take place on Nov 2/09 after receiving input from Executive Council and the Locals.”

A bulletin (#09/09) was sent to all Locals on August 6/09 requesting Locals to send ideas for workplace actions through their respective RVP in regards to the November 2/09 actions. The Committee will report on suggestions received at the September Presidents’ Conference and take additional suggestions and then make a recommendation to Council.

The UTE National President has contacted all of the Federal Political Party leaders requesting their position on issues of importance to the UTE membership. It is hoped that replies will be received prior to the September Council & Presidents Conference, so the Committee can report on this matter.

The Committee Chair has had initial discussions with both the National President and the Chair of the Communications Committee about issuing a special newsletter on the upcoming federal election.    

Respectfully submitted,     

Nick Stein
Chair of the Committee