Political Action Committee

Report of the Political Action Committee

December 2009

 Nick Stein Item (m)

The Committee met September 18-19/09 to review the resolution passed at the September Presidents’ Conference and to make a proposal to Council regarding the planned actions for Nov 2/09.

Four recommendations were made to Council and all four were carried.

The first recommendation was a minor change to the resolution.

The second recommendation dealt with the following for Nov 2/09:

  • grievances to be signed the week of Nov 2-6/09 and presented at the first 3 levels, then forwarded to UTE National Office;
  • plant gate buttons to the membership on Nov 2/09 with instructions to continue to wear the buttons until this matter is settled;
  • advise the membership to wear black clothing on Nov 2/09; and
  • plant gate letters to MPs with envelopes instructing the members to return their collective agreement to their MP with the letter. 

The third recommendation was to request that all RVPs go to their respective Regional A/Cs and ask what happened to the millions of dollars of savings from the wage rollback.

The fourth and final recommendation was that a pop-up or video be placed on the UTE web and this was done.  

As of the writing of this report, the reports from the RVPs and their Locals had not all been received. A verbal report will be given.

In respect to 2008 UTE convention resolution #312, all regions and locals have complied and reported to either the National President or the Committee Chair except for the Montreal Region and the five (6) Locals from that Region.

The National President has contacted all of the federal political party leaders as agreed upon. However, the prospect of a federal election appears not to be imminent. When an election is called, the federal parties will be contacted again and a special UTE newsletter will be sent.

The Committee is expected to meet prior to the next Presidents’ Conference to review all of the activities in regards to Bill C-10 and report to Council and the Presidents in March, 2010.  

Respectfully submitted,
Nick Stein
Chair of the Committee