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March 2004

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Employer Kills ACS

Included with March 2004 Committee Reports

In the last ACS Sub Committee Report we stated that a meeting was scheduled for Oct 27, 2003 but the employer postponed and they have yet to provide an alternate date. As of this date not only has there been no meetings scheduled but the employer has advised that they will not be proceeding with this initiative as a result of the creation of the CBSA.

It is unfortunate that the employer is using the excuse of the creation of a new Agency and employees being transferred as a delaying tactic, they have publicly stated that the ACS Standard needs to be reviewed as a result of all the customs positions leaving. This excuse only lends credence to the fact that the employer was not in fact working on a universal standard, but rather a standard that was geared towards one group over another. A true universal standard would not need to be redone as a result of changes to the occupational groups and classifications contained within it.

It now seems that the employer has not only reneged on its comments with respect to the ACS-SP not delaying the bargaining process, it has reneged on its assurances to our membership that they were committed to a new classification standard.

There has been no communication from the employer as to when they wish to start reviewing the standard and/or proceeding with this initiative, as of this date ACS is no longer a project that is proceeding.

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