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September 2005

Meetings were held June 10th and August 31st to discuss the ACS standard for the SP Group. In addition the two Components and the PSAC meet on August 30th to discuss our approach to the meetings.

All consultations are still under contained consultation with the employer so we are unable to share the draft documents at this time. At this time based on the consultation that has taken place with the employer we are cautiously optimistic.

The employer had promised that the draft standard would be sent to the unions prior to the August 31st meeting so that we would have an opportunity to provide comments. Unfortunately, the employer did not get the standard sent until late in the day on the 26th of August. We advised we would review the standard and provide our comments back by Friday September 9th. We will be coordinating our comments through Bob Lamoureux, the PSAC Rep assigned to this initiative.

 The employer advised that although the standard was not finalized and there was still work to be done that they intended to write the descriptions to the four factors not to each individual element. (We reserved comment on this issue until we can actually see what a description looks like) We then reviewed the proposed job lists that the employer had provided and the employer agreed to the additions that we had requested. The employer also advised that we would be consulted on all the job descriptions that we had asked to be consulted on.

The employer has begun training individuals on the Job Description writing and has agreed that we will be trained as well.  The employer has also agreed to include the Staffing Committee and the LRO's on the training.  To date 34 people have been trained by the employer and they will be commencing the writing of the 150 jobs to be used in the BETA testing.

A discussion was held on the rules of conversion and how we could learn from the MG conversion. The employer has agreed to sit down with the unions and discuss the issues around conversion.

As of this point the employer and the unions have not agreed to another date for a meeting. Details of future meetings will be communicated to council as they become available.